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Private Music Lessons in Flower Mound

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Learn from the Best Music Teachers at Lone Star Music Academy

Are you or your child interested in music lessons? We have what you need! We are proud to offer the largest selection of musical lessons all right here in Flower Mound. No matter whether you have been practicing an instrument for years or you have no experience at all, we offer people from all across Flower Mound and surrounding areas the opportunity to partake in musical instruction and reap the benefits of learning an instrument.

Maybe you or your child has taken lessons in the past, but never received comprehensive training. Or perhaps you have always been interested in the world of music and wish to develop those skills. Nearly every aspect of your life can be positively impacted through quality Private Music Lessons!

Simply fill out the form on your screen today to see how we can help you or your child's abilities and make a positive lasting impact.

Serving Our Community Through Exceptional Private Music Lessons

Our Private Music Lessons are sure to help you feel focused and get the one-on-one instruction that will inspire you and put you on track to mastering the instrument of your choice.

Private Music lessons offer the chance to develop a strong, healthy, and satisfying hobby to use as an outlet. We strive to serve people all across our community here in Flower Mound, with our doors being open and welcoming to everyone that steps through. We respect each student's development and make it a point to encourage well-rounded training to develop each student's own creativity while enhancing their abilities. Our children's lessons begin at ages 5 and older, while our Early Childhood program begins as early as 3.

Enjoy Private Music Lessons with these instruments and lesson types:
  • Piano (Jazz, Classical, & Contemporary): Piano lessons with any of our amazing instructors will teach your kid how to play piano with different musical styles and techniques, how to read music, and more. Our piano lessons are customized to fit each child's needs and goals.
  • Guitar (Acoustic & Electric): Our Guitar lessons are the perfect way for your child to learn songs they love. Starting off learning guitar anatomy and simple guitar chords, your kid will be able to perform songs for you in no time.
  • Voice: Our Voice lessons in Flower Mound will help your child take their already amazing singing to the next level. Voice lessons will give them improved confidence, teach them how to use vocal tools, help them discover their vocal range, and more!
  • Strings (Violin & Viola): Your child will learn the basics of their violin or viola, improve their focus, and give them an outlet for creativity. They will learn excellent music technique that engages them and teaches them the best way to play their instrument for years to come.
  • Drum/Percussion & Marimba: Learning how to play the drums or marimba is an exciting and fun way for kids to use their energy. From learning different beats and rhythms to various types of styles, your kid will love drum or marimba lessons.
  • Bass: Our Bass lessons will inspire your kid by teaching them through using popular songs they love that illustrate key concepts and techniques. While playing the lowest-pitched member of the strings family, your kid will have a ton of fun, be able to perform songs, and learn skills that will last a life time. 
  • Ukulele: Students will learn how to hold and strum their ukulele, as well as some basic techniques to get them started on their musical journey. Your kid will learn how to play exciting chords on this fun little instrument!
  • Trumpet: Trumpet students will have the opportunity to learn all about how to form a good embouchure, producing a quality tone, playing with proper technique and so much more. While learning this amazing brass instrument, your kid will learn how to play different styles of music and build repertoire.
  • Performance Coaching & Audition Prep (Vocal/Theater/UIL): If your child is interested in being a vocal or theater performer, these lessons are perfect for them! We will teach your child how to be an outstanding performer and have a ton of fun while doing it.
  • Competition Prep: Students who have experience in their instrument might want to start participating in competitions! We will help prepare your kid for performing in competitions, so they can be the best they can be. CLICK HERE to see the list of our student’s recent accomplishments’.
  • College Prep: Kids who have played an instrument and want to continue in college might need some extra guidance. Our coaches will guide your child in taking that next step. CLICK HERE to see the list of our student’s recent accomplishments’.

Join Us for the Top Choice in Private Music Lessons in Flower Mound

Lone Star Music Academy works to help you develop you and your child's creative space. As they grow physically, mentally, and emotionally here at the academy, you will begin to see your children become more confident. Whether you're here in Flower Mound or nearby, our team of professional instructors can help make a positive impact through the art of music.

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